Being a Small Business Owner during a Pandemic

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2020 is almost over, and what a rollercoaster of a ride it's been! Who is ready for the New Year??  

Many Small Business Owners have faced quite a few challenges, from having to change the way products are sold or how services were offered, and sadly, a lot of local businesses have had to close their doors.

Fortunately, being a Gift Shop owner, it was easy to move fully online.  While the buzz of local pop-ups are certainly missed, I am very grateful that I was able to build on ways to offer and deliver products.  There are still some hoops to jump through.

A few adjustments had to be made, and not all were sunshine and rainbows.  From switching over to cashless payments and explaining why cash wasn't an option, to spraying everything from top to bottom to ensure nothing dangerous made its way through the door to protect my family. Oh! and forget about technical issues with machines! 

A lot of new equipment was brought in to expand the products I was able to offer, but then boom!  The brand new laser cutter stopped working after a week! Now what?? Thankfully, it was an easy fix and it started working again, to a point.  Because of it's limited capabilities and power, it didn't cut everything it was supposed to.  A few refunds and long waits had to happen. But, you learn to adapt and figure out ways to make it work. 

That is what being a business owner during a Pandemic is all about, adapting, changing the way you think, how can you make something that's already working a little better to really gain that one up. 





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